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Simple module for Drupal that provides testimonials content type and nice and highly customizing block to display them over the site. Integrated with most of other modules like content type, and include 10 sample themes with dynamic and static layout based on owl.carousel. Module is compatible with html5, css3, mobile OS and more

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  • Simple usage and configuration
  • High performance, Light weight
  • No custom dependences (only base Drupal modules)
  • Getting font from current theme
  • 10 nice themes + dynamic sliders and carousels
  • Sample themes are optimized for mobiles & touch
  • Simple theme customization & creation
  • You are free to use java scripts, css & html you want for THEMES!
  • Integrated with Views (as Content Type)
  • Integrated with Panels (as Block)
  • Integrated with Rules (as Content Type)
  • Well documented

Software Version

  • Drupal 7.4x
  • Drupal 7.3x
  • Drupal 7.2x
  • Drupal 7.1x
  • Drupal 7.x

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(+ Download advanced documentation)

Install as usual drupal module:

  • 1) Download file from CodeCanyon
  • 2) Unzip folder "testimonials" to sites/all/modules
  • 3) Enable module "Testimonials simple block" on admin/modules page

All configureation are in block settings:

  • 1) Create several testimonials node/add (content->node add) node type "Testimonial"
  • 2) Go to admin/structure/block
  • 3) Click "Configure" near "Testimonials block"

Configure options:

  • 3.1) Name block if needed (in Live demo before we named block "Live demo")
  • 3.2) Choose image style in "Client photo style" (in Live demo before we choose "Thumbnail")
  • 3.3) Write quantity of testimonials to show in block in "Quantity" field (in Live demo before we place 0, to show all)
  • 3.4) Choose order to show testimonials in "Order" selector (in Live demo before we choose "Random")
  • 3.5) Choose theme and layount in "Choose theme" selector like "theme/layout" (in Live demo before we choose "filled/carousel")

Place block to region as usual. More about Drupal blocks settings

*If you get some visual isses in block (f.e. font-size, color, font-face or ect) read "Documents-Theming" instruction after, part called "Testimonials.css"

All themes place in /themes folder, and mostly independent from you current theme

Each theme has the structure like this:







theme_name/layout_name/various_scripts.js (as many as needed)


Theme creation

You can create your own theme by copy “default” theme from theme folder. Or create theme by structure before by your self. All themes and layouts in folder “themes” get to “Choose theme” selector in block settings automatically.


Theme templates

All tpl files must be named as in structure before

Header.tpl.php – open block structure, you can include here “<div>”, “classes”, “ids”, that you can use by java scripts as needed. For example, in “default/slider” we used owl.carousel demo script and so “header.tpl.php” looks like “<div id="owl-demo" class="owl-carousel owl-theme">”

Footer.tpl.php – closed part of block. You can place whatever you want buttons, labels, text, images, but do not forget, that first of all you need to close html tags if you had open them in “header.tpl.php”. For example, in “default/slider” we placed just “</div>” to close tag we opened before

Element.tpl.php – main theming part that produced each element of block (node) will look like. Html tags and styles here implements to all elements of block individually. Here you are free to use next variables:

%name% - Name and company string

%text% - Testimonial text

%image% - Client photo form node

For example, in “default/slider” we placed “<div class="item"><div class="text">%text%</div><div class="userpic">%image%</div><div class="name">%name%</div></div>” to show all variables, and class “item” used for owl.carousel

JS Scripts – you can include any js you need to theme. All JS files from layout folder would be loaded to code automatically. So if you need to use JS in your theme/layout just put it to folder. To order load use alphabet, as scripts would be load one by one in alphabetic order we recommend to name JS files, like 01_script.js (script to load first), 02_config.js (js file with configuration of script to load second). For example, in “default/slider” we use owl.carousel script, so our JS files structure is:

1_jquery.min.js (we need this library for owl)

2_script.js (there is main JS code)

3_config.js (there are configuration of script before)

So, this files will be load one by one startind from “1_jquery.min.js”, because this JS must be load in this order.

Testimonials.css – main theming file, where you can theme classes and ids you put in tpl.php files. You can change everything you need: colors, fonts, sizes, margins, paddings, and anything else allowed in common css.


MIT for themes (as samples use owl.carousel)

Default Envato Market split license (for code)